Back after long silence and looking forward to #ALE2011

I have been away from writing for quite a long now, due to many reasons some personal some external not going to specify all of them here..

I am quite excitedly waiting for 1st ever Agile Lean Europe(ALE) UNConference yes an UNConference, where we are awaiting many nice speakers, many nice participants from all over Europe. I am expecting quite many things from this unconference, many new things i would get to learn, listen to experiences of people and have nice chats with all the linchpins who would be around...

The interesting part of the unconference is Lighting talks, all the participants would have a lightening talk prepared the format can be anything... so I am preparing mine also..
I am decided on the topic of implementation of scrum in distributed teams and impact of cultural difference on implementation, I am planning to present how i handled it and then ask for better ideas from the people to implement them in future.

I am also looking forward to Dinner with Strangers, where people from lean start up community will meetup with people from ALE, hmm interesting.. its going to be great learning experience.

so from tomorrow until Friday i will be at the ALE2011 in Berlin, Germany and i am sure i will be tweeting many things i would learn and like so the hashtag for these days to look for is #ALE2011.

Lets see how it goes.... Here I Come Berlin... surely will post more after I come back from #ALE2011.

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