ALE2012 and Barcelona, Spain.

After much rumble and grumble on where the ALE2012 would be celebrated, we finally have the city... its Barcelona, Spain.
Jaume, Mel and Me were promoting Barcelona as candidate city for ALE2012. We had tough Competition from Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic was also in the finalists.
After looking at various PROs and CONs for each city the Location sofa decided on Barcelona, Spain.

the tentative dates for the ALE UNConference are 28-30 August 2012. Which is during summer months and its Barcelona one of most famous cities on Mediterranean coast. Its going to be a big HIT.

Just after a 2-3 days of our decision on ALE2012 location we came to know about Scrum Gathering 2012 Barcelona (http://www.scrumalliance.org/events/464-barcelona--global-event), which is also an important event for agilists from Europe and is planned for October 2012.
After the news spread on these events we were contacted by Salim Virani who is organizing http://leanca.mp/ in Barcelona which will be celebrated in January 2012.

So I can say the year 2012 is going to be a sizzling hot year for Barcelona in terms of Agile and Lean methodologies... and the local Agile enthusiastic community is very excited and happy about this events taking place in Barcelona.

We will be opening up different sofas for ALE2012, who ever would like to join us to organize this amazing event please track #ALE2012 on twitter..

Hope to see a lot of you in Barcelona during this year...

For those who dont know how #ALENetwork (alenetwork.eu) works, ALE is a network of professionals from eupore which promotes Agile methodologies in Europe and tries to help each other out through various projects like #ALESOS, #ALEUNIVERSITIES... etc.
and Yes we have sofas and not chairs.... we believe in sharing... and auto-organization.

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